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Things to do while you’re waiting to be published: Pretend you are.

I snagged this idea off Neatorama who got it from Miss Cellania. But it is indeed hilarious. At least to me. Not only can I pretend I wrote a romance novel I can put an embarrassing picture of myself on it too, somehow making me look dorky and hot at the same time. How could I resist?

Feast your eyes on my STEAMY book! I named it and everything!

Can you believe I had a picture of myself making that face? Here’s the original. I’m in college, apparently going to a dance with roommates. We are sassy!!

I knew there was a reason I needed to have a picture taken of me making the world’s weirdest face. my photo has fulfilled some sort of destiny.

Want to make your own Romance novel? Go here. Boys can too; there are hot dude bodies!