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In which the YA Author showcases her teen years in all their awkward glory.

To be fair, I think this photo was taken circa 1984/1985 which puts me at about 11-years old, so this falls more in the awkward category than it does the the teenage years category.  But I couldn’t resist showing off the those bangs. (I’m on the left) and by bangs, I mean BANGS! Those things reach back nearly back to wall I’m standing against. I also couldn’t resist answering your burning question about this rollerskating rink, you’ll be pleased to know that,  yes! They have NACHOS!

Why would we wear theses Peggy Fleming outfits to the roller rink? Well, because we had roller skating lessons, sillies!  See that beautiful lady between my sister and I? That’s my mom. (Dudes, admire that posture!) She roller-skated competitively before having us kids, once taking second place in the World Championships in Pairs. I actually come from an incredibly athletic family. My dad also briefly played professionally with the Detroit  Lions defense (you heard me, Jim). So, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I’m a writer. Sorry, Mom and Dad.