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storefrontJosh and I went on a sequel date where we continued to explore Ann Arbor. If you missed the first installment, it’s here. This time around, Josh introduced me to Krazy Jim’s  Blimpy Burger. Workers yell at you if you sit down before  you have your food and you have to be very careful to order your food the right way. I made Josh do all the ordering. We shared a triple burger (you can get up to five patties) with egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese along with an order of deep fried veggies. It was awesome. Not quite as awesome were the frat boys in line who were yelling a whole lot about nads.  We also went over to the Full Moon Bar, where I had my first mule. Who would have thought that a drink called a mule could be so tasty? In sum, it was another great date.

I overheard the girls planning their weddings today, too. It always fascinates me that the groom makes no difference to the scenery. Whoever he is, he never gets mentioned. Possibly they both plan on getting married without him even being there. However, details like ‘the flower girl will carry my veil but will not have braces’ are not overlooked. What is it with little girls and planning weddings?

If you haven’t seen it yet, Eleanor wrote a fantastic blog post about finding a raccoon in the yard and calling the humane society.

Magnolia had her second soccer game in which she actually made a couple impressive defensive moves and in which I found myself more excited than I’d like to admit. I can sort of  see why parents go nuts over kids sports; it’s waaaaaaay more emotional than I would have thought! (I screamed a little. In the nice go! go! go! kind of way, but still. I got caught up in…a sporting event.)

Josh got his first residency interview invitation. It’s in Kentucky. He starts his Dermatology rotation tomorrow. I’m trying to decide what to call him once he’s a full fledged doctor. So far I like Dr. J. Doesn’t it seem like he should get a new nickname? Anyone have other thoughts? Perhaps I’ll collect a few and then take a poll. I’ve wanted to try that blog feature and haven’t had a good reason yet.