Book Review: Flash Burnout

Flash Burnout is a perfect YA book. Well, the story is perfect. I’m not digging the cover so much. And, while the jacket copy was clever, it didn’t give me an accurate sense of the story – the frame of the story, yes, but the heart of the story, no. I may not have readContinue reading “Book Review: Flash Burnout”

A Bit About Building Character

So I’ve been reading and writing and constantly comparing where my book draft really is to where it should be going. I’ve got issues with the timing and fictional school calendar in my YA book. I’ve got too much plot and the lens on my characters is nearly all long-shot views. Also, I still haven’tContinue reading “A Bit About Building Character”

Maybe It’s Not an Issue?

I made a big book revision decision. I’d gotten to 55,000 words and changed course. It’ll probably happen again, too. Sometimes I have to get to the climax to realize, hey, I’m not feeling too sorry for these characters. Something isn’t right. I got to thinking that a book about sunken treasure needs some kindContinue reading “Maybe It’s Not an Issue?”

Something About Books and the Color Pink

Maybe I’ll organize my books like this. Mostly it will be pink, though. And black. And blue. Looks kind of cool though, right? I don’t know if it’s that I’m attracted to pink (I am) or if it’s that publishers like to jacket YA books in pink, but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed aboutContinue reading “Something About Books and the Color Pink”

Author Interview: Erin McCahan

I am very excited to interview the adorable Erin McCahan, today! We have been pen pals for about a year now, and if you don’t have a few of those, I highly recommend it! I got to know Erin before I got to know her writing; and they are equally delightful. Her wit, and empathy,Continue reading “Author Interview: Erin McCahan”

My Missing Piece

Or, what I learned about YA from my big sister. I’ve been giving some thought to why I write YA literature. The simplest answer is one I got from Andrew Karre at a conference. Basically, in writing, teenagers are the easiest to get into trouble. You barely breathe on teenage character and oopsie they’re inContinue reading “My Missing Piece”

Jody’s Reading Report Card 2009

This year was a great reading year for me! I read 29 books!  I get an A+ because that’s more than two per month, which for me is a huge accomplishment, because as you probably know, I work full time, write, have a family, blah blah blah. Someday I’m going to be a YA author.Continue reading “Jody’s Reading Report Card 2009”

Author Interview: Steph Bowe

Some stats on Steph: Writes: YA Fiction Represented by: Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown. Debut novel will be published by: Text Publishing Release Date: September 2010. Writes the popular blog: Hey! Teenager of the Year Resides in: Victoria, Australia Jody: You are fifteen. Is this true or false? Steph: True! Jody: I still can’t believeContinue reading “Author Interview: Steph Bowe”


It’s possible I have a tiny little hint of a whiff of a speck of whisper of an obsession with a book called Stargirl. It’s just that Jerry Spinelli does everything right in this book. He makes a character so beautiful (and beautifully flawed, though it’s hard to see it when you’re reading the story–atContinue reading “Sparkgirl?”