Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)

I have a twleve-year-old going through Sex Ed right now at a public school. Also, I like to write books for teens, so for me, the sexual habits of teenagers are as thoroughly fascinating as they are concerning. In books for teens it’s almost unrealistic not to at least mention the subject. What’s interesting toContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)”

I Need a Chair or a Flashlight

Josh is on this weird rotation where he works early, so he goes to bed early, and for the last week I’ve been the only one up past 9:30. What’s weird is that I haven’t wanted to write–normally a signal all is not well. But it’s okay. I’ve been preoccupied. Not unmotivated. Be proud ofContinue reading “I Need a Chair or a Flashlight”

I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net

Eleanor, my 11-year-old, has recently been coming into the office and looking at my book shelf and exclaiming, “I didn’t know you had this book!” And then she takes it and is gone for the day. And she is satisfied. This makes me want to have more children. Josh jokes that Eleanor and I areContinue reading “I’m not the Goalie; I’m the Net”