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I haven’t blogged about family in a while. Partly because the older the girls get the more they read the blog, so the more at risk I am for embarrassing them. But, I can share the following story safely. I think all parents and relatives have a keen eye for who looks like who in the family or which kid has a personality more like so-and-so. It’s this sort of game families all play, the Mugeles included. The  other day I watched a conversation between the girls and was left laughing at how exactly that looked like Josh and me. So here’s a fun game for my family and friends: In the story I tell, which kid is more like me and which kid is more like Josh.

Kid X and kid Y are sitting in the stairwell, squished close together on the same step, waiting for me to finish whatever I was doing in the kitchen so that we could all go to dinner. X was chewing bubble gum. Y was watching X. X began to blow a bubble but sucked it back in and said to Y, “Don’t pop it. I want to see how big I can get it.”

Y agrees, but keeps a steady eye on her sister as she blows a bubble. X proceeds to blow a very big bubble and Y points her finger at it. X leans back as Y’s finger gets closer, then retracts, then finally pokes a hole in the bubble. X looks at Y and says with equal parts frustration and disappointment, “I told you not to.”

Y says guiltily, “I know. I couldn’t help it. It was so tempting.”

X tries to resign herself to her sister’s nature. “Ugh. I know, but I really didn’t want you to do that.”

So, who is Eleanor in the story and who is Magnolia? AND: who is Jody and who is Josh?