A face only Magnolia and I can love, apparently. You guys! This poor dog. After I found him a home and slept in my daughter’s bed for four nights, I wake up in the night to a howl that is eerily familiar, and believe myself to be dreaming. In the morning, I just come into the library for my morning cup of joe to do some blogging and Scrabble, when I hear it again. I look out the window, and there’s Cletus in his crate in the driveway. Probably since 2 a.m. I resisted the urge to call the guy who did this and rip him a new one. Afterall, I kind of understood. It’s not like you can just walk into the humane society these days and say, “Well, this one just didn’t work out.” There’s a waiting list and a surrender fee. Let’s blame it on the economy. Still, this guy was single. It’s not like he had another dog that was in danger or kids to disappoint. *clears throat* He should have dealt with his decision.

Oh, and the dog stunk like death and drank an entire bowl of water. So, I re-list the dog on Craiglist. My heart is breaking. I go to work. (Sorry Josh, I love you.) Josh takes a call. Someone is interested. They come over and explain they want Cletus for a second dog. Josh says, “Uh….the ad clearly states why we’re not keeping him. He’s not good with other dogs,” and they take the dog anyway. Maggie calls me at work to say, “Yay! Cletus has a new home.”


An hour later the couple calls. Shockingly, it’s not working out!

They list the dog. People call us to tell on them for “Turning the dog around?” Same people (I presume) create a listing shaming us and the couple for how we are treating this dog. Because really, I don’t feel bad enough.

Sooooooo, I will not be finding a dog via Craigslist again. Also, I’m not convinced there won’t be a part three to this doggie drama, so please stand by.