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I’m not sure if “Bagni” is a village or a bathhouse or what, but I think it looks like a fun place to go. Garden gnomes are one of the oddities in life I love. What are they doing in gardens? It’s like pairing combat boots with a wedding gown. Even before I saw Amalie, I had a fascination with them. I even wrote a political satire including garden gnomes that I pitched as a picture book (that didn’t go over, but the idea was great.)  It turns out I’m more of a young adult novelist. One of the things I love about life that you can’t (Or at least I haven’t successfully yet) replicate in writing are those funny random moments – those bits and scenes that seem to come out of nowhere, not fit with the mood, or maybe your schedule. Things in writing have to mean something. Wasn’t it Chekhov that told us not to put a gun on fireplace mantle if no one in the book is going to use it?

So, I guess I’m left to blog about those times. For instance, Spanky. I tweeted about him not long ago. He’s an old guy that works on the second floor of our building. I’m on the third floor. Every day, I go down to the terrace to get the mail, so I often see the old man, with his false teeth smile and idle chit chat. We have time for a greeting and about one sentence, normally something to with what I’m wearing or the weather. One time he said it looked nice outside (Truly an amazing thing in March in Ann Arbor). I said, “I heard it’s going to rain.” He gasped and said, “No! If it rains, I’m going to spank you.” Hence, his nickname.

There’s another lady in the building, middle-aged, calm, and friendly. This is particularly interesting to me because it’s been my experience that many middle-aged women in the business world are the exact opposite. Perhaps this makes me an ageist and/or a sexist; I’m not sure, but it’s what I’ve observed. So this lady and I were walking out of the building at the same time once when we both spotted a post-it note on the ground. She took the lead and picked it up. It said nothing of significance. She gave me an “Is it yours?” gesture. I shrugged and shook my head. She tossed it back onto the cement. There was a pause. She looked back at me and said, “I really don’t know why I did that.” We both chuckled. But then she kept going. I didn’t know what to do. Pick it up and throw it away? Leave it? It was weird. That’s all: just a weird little snippet of life that doesn’t really fit anywhere, except to amuse me.

What about you all? Are there any moments you remember like this that amuse you? Or moments you’ve tried to put in books that just didn’t work?