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Blogging has been a nice distraction for me while I hope for my YA novel to be sold. And if I haven’t told you guys how much I appreciate your readership, allow me to do so, now. It makes me happy to know that you guys want to spend time with me and my writing. How do I know that you are coming to my blog? Why, my stats of course! One of the coolest features about WordPress (from a writer’s standpoint; I’m sure a designer would have other opinions) is the stats feature. I love watching the line graph grow as folks visit my site, and watching my blog readership grow day to day, week to week, and month to month.(427 in my inaugural month August 2009 to 1566 in March 2010. I feel like this is pretty great growth.

I’m not sure what constitutes a popular blog or an average blog, in terms of readership, but here are some of my other stats:

Total views: 9,414

Busiest day: 883 (Yesterday, obviously)

Views today: 211 (Because I’m still on the WordPress homepage at the moment)

Posts: 107

Comments: 588

Categories: 11

Yesterday, my blog post Something To Do With Garden Gnomes was featured on the WordPress.com homepage. (Not my best post. Had I known I’d be featured, I may have tried harder.) I don’t know how these things are decided. My mom always said I have a lucky streak. But whatever! Thank you, WordPress, for making my stats yesterday go BUH-Nanas! You see, normally (on a really good blog day–usually Sunday) I get 80 – 150 visitors. I’m happy with this. My “busiest day” before yesterday was 199 visitors. So, you can see that WordPress has done me a solid. I was hoping to break my “busiest day” count and reach 10,000 visits before I hit my one-year blogiversary this coming August. I definitely broke my “busiest day” count yesterday. And I may even make my “total views” goal this week!

I don’t know why I get so excited about my stats. Maybe I just like attention. Maybe the thought of that many people seeing my writing gives me a taste of being published. (37 people yesterday read my sneak peek; 7 checked out my lit agency – not that these people are looking to publish me, but it’s still exciting to have my writing read.) Maybe this is a boring post, but as a person who’s trying to build a readership for a future novel (I hope), this has been a great day!