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Does the title give me away? Or possibly my rant over on Facebook? Apparently, I’m not done ranting because I’m blogging about it now.

Chelsea is a small town. There aren’t THAT many kids in Eleanor’s school, yet there are 41 acts in the “Talent” Show? It was only 5th and 6th graders, too, not the whole conglomerate of elementary schools. So here’s the thing: I get it. It’s great for kiddos to get up on that stage and work out their confidence issues. It’s good for them to see each other perform. It’s nice for them to work together. And it’s a (marginally) good idea for getting the community together so we can all sing the national anthem and pat ourselves on the back and say here we are and here are our kids. But all of those things combined still don’t make it worth it. I could stand twenty acts at less than 2 minutes apiece. But what I’d love to see–what I’d actually enjoy–(and what I think would actually benefit the kids) is about 10 – 12 (of the best) acts at about 5 minutes apiece.

I’ve blogged before on the importance of kids hearing no. So, I’ll refrain from repetition, but what about talent?

I remember one thing about the talent show my fifth grade year. Ali Wood. She played the piano–the Entertainer. I was blown away. I wanted to be her so bad in that moment. I wanted to be great at something and make other people feel the WOW that I was feeling. Not with a piano, but the inspiration hit me hard. THAT was talent. She had worked hard at learning that; there was no doubt in my mind. And it was beautiful. I wonder if the kids in that audience last night even had the chance to feel that. I was bored before I got there. Our school is even getting away from calling the thing a talent show. I think this year the program said “Variety” Show. (Maybe it has been that all along I’ve been suffering from wishful thinking, I’m not sure) Variety Show is a more truthful term, but a more pathetic one. Who cares about variety? Seriously. Talent is worth my time and my kids’ time. Variety is bullshit.