It all comes down to exercise. When I run regularly, everything is better: writing, level of alertness at work, patience with the kids, bedroom attitude, general okayness about the world. I hate that this is true, but it is. So today I blog about how I’m going to get back on that damn treadmill.ย  I was in great shape four years ago when Josh started school. Here’s the photo of the day he metriculated.

Maybe it reflects how we really had no idea of the stress of what we were taking on. Magnolia knows though, she’s like, “Born into this mess, people; don’t blame me.” But more likely it reflects that I had the energy and will to deal with the difficulty because I was running the shit out that shit. It’s since come to a halt–for whatever reasons. I have a good week of running now and then, but I always manage to fail myself and finding that groove of habit. I have been dreading the photos that will be taking place come graduation day.

A couple days ago I wrote that I’d stop seeing the mediocre and the ugly in myself, but it has to accompany action and for me that means running again. Really running. I don’t know what you all may be coming to my blog to read and probably it’s not this kind of post, but since this is blog about beginnings and transformations I guess this applies. Here we go again you stupid treadmill! It’s time I pulled my shit together. Here’s hoping that blogging about it will make it so.