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In which the YA author shares what’s Great and Awkward about the teenage years.
Today we have my first guest post with Josh Berk. This week we’ve been celebrating the upcoming launch of  his YA novel, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin. It releases this Tuesday from Knopf books for young readers. And I’m 100% excited to read it. Probably you’ve figured that out. So let’s conclude this Berkparty with a little self-deprecation.
From Berk:
I give you “Berk as a member of the East Hills Middle School Marching Band.”
About the picture: I was only in band for one year — 6th grade. I was never really good at the saxophone and being part of a marching band did not appeal to my desire to always be the center of attention. So I quit probably soon after this picture was taken. I do remember enjoying that saucy hat. And the gloves! This would have been 1987. I was eleven years old. I also remember that my reed broke right before the parade started and I had lost my spare reeds so I didn’t even play the instrument. I just marched while pretending to play the sax. Probably I wasn’t even really good at marching in time. And certainly the hat wasn’t as cool as I thought it was.
A million thanks to Berk! This is possibly my favorite post yet. If you’re a YA Author and would like to do a guest post on Self-Deprecating Sunday, please contact me jody.mugele(at)gmail.com. It’s more fun than Church.