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I am in a hotel. I think I’m one of the few people that really enjoys them. I love the sense of adventure of being away from home. Unlike my house, hotels aren’t messy. There are two TVs and a pool. Beyond that there’s a sense of unpredictability. For example, the guy at the front desk has purple hair. The person who had this room before us left a black hoodie here, which I intend to keep. We have complementary rice krispie treats and microwavable popcorn in our room. The view is unique: it includes a few of the bridges here in Pittsburgh as well as being able to see into an old folks home.

And hooray for eating out! Possibly it’s the best part of an adventure. Tonight we ate dinner at church. Literally. There’s a church here that’s been transformed into a pub called the Chruch Brew Works. Dude, we drank beer in church. And we didn’t pray either. How rebellious!

Some other things that I’ve discovered about Pittsburgh include:

1. This was Mr. Rogers neighborhood
2. There is a different neighborhood (or maybe just a shopping center) called GIANT EAGLES. (I didn’t see any, FYI.)
3. A GPS is useless here!  The roads are hopelessly confusing. How do you “turn right” when there are 2-6 choices?
4. Toll roads. Firstly, compliments to PA on the speediness of salt trucks. Snow barely has a chance to touch the roads before BAM! Salt! And secondly, “service plazas” are great. You walk in and it’s like, is this a mall food court or a rest stop???? Then, you have to choose between Panera and Starbucks???? Oh, the fancy pants driving is worth the price !

So, this is only day one and I’m really liking this little city so far. Whether I want to move here or not, I’m not sure. So, go easy on me, Indiana friends.