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09-09 003

School Shopping with the girls–they dig it!  Me, not so much. But today…oh, today was a good shopping day. As we passed the Chuck Taylor display at Kohl’s, my kiddos squealed in delight and asked if they could try them on. Truth be told, I got a little misty. Those who knew me in high school may remember I had very nearly every color of Chuck Taylor tennis shoes ever created (including the super-duper high tops, you know with the bright yellow that folded over the electric orange. God, I loved those.). Those of you who didn’t know me then, may have guessed from my blog header that I’m a fan. Oh, am I.  My girls went with classic black high tops.

Feast Your Eyes!

09-09 00109-09 008

I swear they asked me if they could be all matchy-matchy. I would never encourage it! But won’t my mom be pleased!