Self-Deprecating Sunday (3)

Welcome back to the third edition of Self-Deprecating Sunday, where young adult authors come to celebrate their young adulthood. Today I showcase my eighth grade year when I was cheerleader. You gotta appreciate the socks and shoes coordination. I’d bet my fingernails were painted orange and blue, too. Wait…is that the school fight song comingContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (3)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (2)

If you missed the first installment of Self-Deprecating Sunday, then you need to start with this lovely post where I explain that I was basically pretty wackadoo in high school. It’s possibly not surprising I love to write for teens? Today I feature what I think is my junior year. Yes, when I was seventeenContinue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (2)”

Self-Deprecating Sunday (1)

I didn’t mention this new feature in my last blog post because I just decided to do this after a telephone conversation with my sister. It started so simply with me asking if she had any photos of me in my ROTC uniform. (She did. Those will come later.) But while rummaging around for those,Continue reading “Self-Deprecating Sunday (1)”