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So, last year I was doing this thing where I kept trying to like Sarah Dessen. (I realize I’m reviewing Sarah Ockler’s book. Bear with me here.) I’m a fan of romantic books, and Sarah Dessen is the go-to romantic writer of YA fiction. I see review after review about how much everyone loves her books: teen girls and authors alike. Yet, Dessen books just don’t resonate with me. I leave them feeling kind of meh. I recognize good writing and good story, but for whatever reason, I don’t end up wanting to hug her books.

Sarah Ockler is MY Sarah Dessen. Ockler’s books make me feel…romantic. Even a little gushy and huggy. I will easily forgive little things like the dudes always being a whisper of a hint away from flawless. And the monologue sometimes going long. Because I feel her books. And as a young adult book writer, I have things to learn here.

I love watching my girls pull her books off my shelves, too. I can’t say that about all the authors on my shelves. But, when they grab for Ockler’s books, I know they’re getting great girl characters to follow around, and an author with solid, thought-out web presence. (I hate the notion of a platform, but maybe it applies here?) Basically, I think I love what she stands for, and talks about.

Apparently this is more of an author review.