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This is who I live with right now. When Josh isn’t sleeping we have conversations about our day to day life including STDs and butt abscesses and people who have swallowed razor blades or brake fluid. And good news, we finally met some of our neighbors! Their kiddo broke her arm and ended up in the ER. Who said interns never get to socialize? When we run out of doctor-related things to talk about, we discuss my day with Google, how she only kicked me off the Internet for ten minutes, but not before I found the foreskin restoration forum (tag-line: the Intactivist network). Josh is asleep before I can say foreskin. Yes, these are the days of our lives.  And as I understand it, the worst of Josh’s schedule is yet to come. When will the killer rotations be, you ask? During the holidays of course.

I’m not worried. I’ve already started planning our Christmas tree this year. We’re going green, and not even cutting it down. Plus, this works for our budget. See the presents are already underneath, too. The kids like nature. Josh is already thinking of family games like, whomever can climb to the top of the tree first will win a hug. “It’s okay if you fall. Daddy’s a doctor.” At this point he’ll be beyond tired.

I’ll be married to this guy. And so irresistable is he, that I’m like this:

And we’ll head back into the house, which hasn’t been cleaned all year. After all, I’m not only working full time, I’m also writing another young adult novel, and raising two kids. There’s no time for dishes or laundry, so we just go to Goodwill and buy clean clothes and dishes. When they get dirty we add them to the pile. It’s starting to stack up a bit, but it’s cool.

Because we’re living on love.