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Which delights in YA authors sharing the great and awkward of being a teenager.

Today I invited YA author C. J. Omololu to share what she was like as a teenager. Her book Dirty Little Secrets debuted this month from Walker Books for Young Readers. It’s getting some great reviews. I ordered it immediately and cannot wait to read it.

From the author:

See that girl there? That’s the summer of 1984 in San Diego. See her rockin’ on that bass? She bought that bass from the pawn shop herself with the money she earned at the café where she was slinging cappuccino’s way before Starbucks dominated every street corner. Is she rehearsing for an upcoming show? What do you think she’s playing?

Even though this photo was taken a few years ago (ahem) I know exactly what I’m playing. Nothing. Couldn’t play a note. I wanted desperately to be in a band, except I skipped the vital step of ever learning how to play any kind of instrument. Not being able to fulfill my own musical dreams, I did the next best thing – I dated guys in all the other bands. Oh, to do it over again!

A million thanks to C. J. Omololu! (I would like to please borrow that t-shirt.) And remember, if you’re a YA author and would like to do a guest post here on Self-Deprecating Sunday, please contact me jody.mugele(at)gmail.com. It’s more fun than Church.