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In which the YA author shares the great and awkward of her teenage years.

I have been lining up more guest posts for this great day of celebration over here at Sparks and Butterflies. You will not want to miss the coming month of Sundays. And don’t forget, if you’re a YA author who wants to participate, email me!

But today I give you a photo of myself during my freshman year of college. We’ve discussed this photo a little bit over on Facebook, so pardon the repeat performance. But this deserves an encore. Now, granted I was studying and had no plans to go out, so we can forgive my sweatsuit, yes, sweatsuit and decidedly 1980’s fluorescent pink socks. I will not, however, forgive my (to quote my friend Tammara’s phrasing) “Penis-y” haircut.

But going beyond the appearance of me, feast your eyes on my hip and classy taste in movies:

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. The Little Mermaid
3. The Return to the Blue Lagoon
4. Single White Female
5. Benny and Joon
6. Nowhere To Run, and the clincher….
7. Ernest Scared Stupid

What can we learn from this? Never underestimate your roommate’s love. Man, did Teffeny love me for allowing me to decorate the room!  She also recorded this moment in time, presumably in order to come back now and have the last laugh.

(And: don’t worry Jody, you won’t need those floppy discs and dot matrix printer much longer, they’re about to invent CDs and Google! And eventually flat screens! And laser printers, too!) Look at me, writing on paper! Probably something about boys. I bet our phone even had a cord.

**Note: Now that this is becoming somewhat of an author community type series of posts, I’m going to start a tab for Self-Deprecating Sunday, so you scan the archives and revisit your favorites.