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In which the YA Author showcases The Great and Awkward of being a teenager.

This Sunday we have Junior Prom. This is not the year of the escalator incident. That was the year before. You’ll see in this year, I’ve decided to wear a gown with straps. My date was the sweetest guy ever, and nervous as hell. He was a class behind me. We met during a drama production (I think). I asked him to go to Prom during a game of truth and dare with my friends. We’d already been dared to kiss for the count of 10 (I stretched it to 13), so I figured he liked me. Sure he liked me. He just didn’t LIKE Me like me. In fact, he liked boys. Actually, it turned out to be a stress free night of dancing fun with no awkwardness with what to do post-Prom.

Now I can’t escape this Sunday without making fun of my style. Let’s call this one an ode to John Hughes. Pretty in Pink, anyone? Oh, taffeta, you crazy loathsome fabric! And lace? Ladies, how did we stand it?  At least I sparkled. By the way, I was often told Molly Ringwald would play me in a movie. but that’s a different post. And here’s an interesting side-note: when I got to college, I learned my roommate had worn the same dress to her Prom. We should have taken each other to that dance.

Also, what is that Bizarro decoration behind us?