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In which the YA author showcases her teenage years in all their awkward glory. This one is for you, Jennie Miller: Senior Prom 1993.

I got this one right. The last time I double-dated with Jennie at Prom, it did not turn out so well. (There was me in a strapless dress attempting to run up a down-escalator. Need I say more?)

So this was my fourth Prom. I took Brian Taylor–same guy I took the year of the escalator. Perhaps he hoped for a sequel to the first show? Anyhoo, Jennie took Cory Miller, who she eventually married. I had grown tired of the fancy doofy prom dress thing and I wanted to mix things up a bit. Can’t believe I didn’t find a way toΒ  incorporate Mickey Mouse into this outfit. But I think this goes to show that no matter what you wear to Prom, you will always look doofy. Anyway, Senior Prom ruled. We ordered Chinese food and ate out on a secluded lake that had a beautiful deck over it. We walked around the circle downtown Indianapolis and had a horse and buggy ride. We danced. We stayed up all night. It was fun!