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I loved Pam Bachorz’s book CANDOR so much! It was one of my top five last year. And so this going to sound a little assy, but because I loved CANDOR, I figured DROUGHT probably wouldn’t be as great. So, I’m happy to say I’m wrong. I loved this one too. Maybe it’s my fascination with cult-like mentalities and situations, but I get riveted by Pam’s stories. I wish that M. Night Shyamalan would come along and turn both these YA books into movies.

I read this young adult book in less than 24 hours. What Bachorz does best is suspense. I’m so glad I had the day to read and get absorbed. I dug the romance as well. The characterizations of both the MC and her mother were fascinating to me, as well. I like that Pam isn’t afraid to show so much darkness in the parents in her stories. And given that darkness, she still brings out the loyalties of the teens to the parents as well as their urges and needs to be individuals free of their parents. It could so easily be cliched and obvious young adult book material, but Pam makes it interesting. And given the ending she chose for CANDOR, I wondered if she’d give a similar one in DROUGHT. I will only say I was happy with this ending, as I was with the ending in CANDOR.

I look forward to whatever is next from Pam.