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I wrote Poverty Island, my current work in progress–a contemporary YA adventure/romance–after growing up in Indianapolis, watching more than my fair share of Unsolved Mysteries, and spending many summers “Up North” in the small towns of coastal Michigan where I became fascinated with the irony of 400 million dollars in sunken treasure off the shores of Poverty Island. Also, as mentioned in my bio, I really love The Goonies.

Read a little about the legend here.

Or, read a small sample of Poverty Island.


In the process of writing a young adult book called Breaking Rank, about a girl in R.O.T.C. falling in love, going off to boot camp, and figuring out a few a things about loyalty and sacrifice, I had the pleasure of talking to a series of soldiers and veterans. The research on this book was no small feat. Thank the universe for people willing to share their stories with me. And also, thank the universe for the Internet, without which this book would not have been written.

While it’s likely that the apocalypse may arrive before this sees print, you can still read a sample or enjoy some of the soldier interviews I conducted for my blog.

Read a small sample of Breaking Rank.

Read some of the soldier interviews.

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