YA Author Interviews

As I venture into the world of writing young adult books, I think it’s good to get perspective on young adult authors as both writers and people.

Sometimes I wonder what their favorite cereals are or if they cry at the opera. And sometimes I wonder where they got the confidence to start querying agents, or if those funny things in their books reeeeeally happened. So I started asking.

Here are some of my chats with young adult authors, middle grade authors, and authors of all sorts as they go along their writing  and publishing journeys and throughout their lives.

Mike Mullin: Ashfall (YA Fiction), February 2012

Antony John: Five Flavors of Dumb (YA Fiction), February 2011

Erin McCahan: I Now Pronounce You Someone Else (YA Fiction), August 2010

Steph Bowe: Debut Author 2010 (YA Fiction), December 2009

SPC Michael Anthony: Mass Casualties (Adult Non-Fiction), December 2009

Sara Lewis Holmes: Operation Yes (Middle Grade Fiction), October 2009