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ImageDear Bryant Buschmann,

Your company sucks.

The customer service and support we’ve have received from Bryant Company is the most egregious I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been a renter for over 15 years in four states and have rented 6 properties from 6 different rental agencies and I’ve never been treated this poorly by a company or home owner. I will never use or recommend your services to a friend or family member and have in fact warned and will continue to warn people away from getting involved with Bryant Company and any your rental properties.

The most recent insult came when you emailed a letter on March 19th asking if we intended to renew our lease. I responded within the time frame you requested in written form, as you requested, and asked if we could rent month to month. This request went unanswered. Today there is a lock box on our door and sign in our yard. This lack of communication is just one in a long list of unanswered communications we initiated. We haven’t had outdoor lighting since August of 2012, for example. We’ve sent numerous emails, which eventually resulted in a lackluster apologies and no resolutions. I hope the next tenants don’t care about having no outdoor lighting because surely this will never be fixed, along with plenty of other maintenance issues we’ve long lived with. And I hope they never feel free to ask to rent month to month or for anything because those requests, too, will go unanswered and unsolved.

Because the sign in the yard and lock box on the door have forced me to assume we cannot rent month to month, I will leave behind along with the keys to the home, the worst impression possible of Bryant Company. You should be ashamed of how you treat your tenants. Indianapolis renters should be ashamed of you.

Jody Sparks Mugele