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This is a peek into my library. My books  are mostly young adult novels, which happen to come with FANTASTIC colorful covers. So, I ordered them by color, which makes the shelves pretty to look at. I LOVE my bookshelves for being filled with wonderful books like the autographed copy of Stargirl. It also holds Rackety Boom, the book I loved the most as a child–the one my mom would read me right before nap time. These shelves also hold a copy of the book Josh and read together on our first date way back in 1995.

I’m not the only one that loves the library. Phillip Marlowe loves napping in my chair. I’ve even named the chair. Colonel Mustard. Note the candlestick in the background.

The point is I love my library. And I started poking around the Internet to find unique bookshelves because I just got curious about unique ways to display books or other treasures. And possibly I was dreaming of seeing my book on them someday.

Here are 39 bookshelves that I think are interesting–40 if you count mine, which seriously I’m not sure how it ended up in the slide show, but whatever. Enjoy!

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