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Today was my critique group’s inaugural “Writing Day.” I’m obviously hoping this will be an annual event. It was Awesome. Instead tearing each other’s manuscripts and egos to shreds, we all set goals individually (Mike’s genius idea) and wrote our hearts out in love and unity. At Mike’s house, because it’s fantastic.

Goal One: For me, write a query letter.
Reward: Lunch

Goal Two: For me, finish characterization for new book’s main character, working title: DOLLY.
Reward: Cookies.

Goal Three: For me, list all actions scenes needed for this character to get through the book.
Reward: Glass of wine.

Goal Four: Take second pass at query letter.
Reward: Go to Young Adult movie with group.

Not usually being a goal-setter, I was really pleased with how this worked out. Really I think it’s more that I respond to peer pressure and don’t like being left out, so I was motivated to finish my goals. And I did!

I am now the proud owner of a query letter (for my current work) that is very nearly ready to go (if needed) and 33 scenes that need to be written in the new book. Now all I need is about another writing day to characterize the supporting cast and discover the scenes they need to be written. And then draft the book. Which will take about a month of writing days. But, I love that I know exactly where I’m going! Progress feels gooooooooood.

Must also record here that I was pretty disappointed with Young Adult. Boo. I knew the main character was going to suck as a person making YA authors everywhere roll their eyes, or cringe, or generally fart in this movie’s direction, but I was pretty excited about the flick. I figured, well, duh, this character just has to grow up, so that will be funny. But, nah. I don’t know what happened, but pretty much nothing. I think the main character thought she was finally going to grow up, but her actions didn’t really show it.

But, it was still a really great day and I hope that it happens again next year. Maybe we’ll see Mike’s book become a movie! One can hope.