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Last time I went to critique group (Sunday), Mike did not haul his revisions in a Victoria’s Secret bag, Lisa did not have a pocket dog, and Virginia did not have on a Hello Kitty t-shirt. I’ve never seen any of us in public wearing pink sweatpants. Time to bring our A-game, you guys!! This is how YA authors dress, according to Diablo Cody, whose new film Young Adult will release December 16, 2011 starring Charlize Theron. She’ll play a recently divorced young adult writer who moves back home and attempts to rekindle her high school romance even though her then-boyfriend is now married with kids.

Sounds like a recipe for a stereotype to me, but I have gone days full-circle in my jammies: Wake up-coffee-write-coffee-write-write-write-wine-write-go to sleep. I just have the decency to not leave my house that way. Stereotypes happen for a reason. And, who cares, right? This movie looks fun. Diablo Cody won my heart with Juno, so I will gladly follow her into what I think is the first YA author character in film. And I bet my fellow young adult authors will too.

Here’s a link to an Mtv article that shows the picture of Charlize Theron wearing her writing uniform in the movie. And, hear what real YA authors have to say about what they wear and how they feel about this movie! This is my favorite quote from that story:

“The thing I find hilarious about movies about writers is how they always seem to be writing thinly veiled story of their life. Who does that?” —Holly Black, author of “The Curse Workers” series