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Once upon a time there was search media editor named Jody who teamed up with a motley crew: Jeff, Titus (E.T.), Beth, Meghan, Sharlene. They wanted a team name, but couldn’t be called jodjeffbethmegsharitus now could they?  They decided to be team Raptor. Or, team Rapture, if you’re nasty.

One day, a Raptor award was given to Jody for outstanding team work. Jody discovered that the raptor had followed her home from the office.

“Hi, cutie!” Jody said. “Make yourself at home.” What could a sweet precious little baby dino-cutie possibly get into, she discerned wisely. Then she went off to bed.

The next morning, on her way to work, she found these photos.

One fairy got LEFT BEHIND….