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Thank you, to Helen Sayers, over at Are You Ready? for bestowing the Stylish blogger Award upon Sparks and Butterflies. Yay! I’m honored. The award is stylishly designed in sparkly gradient text for a writer to “pay it forward,” part of supporting our own, and please, check out some of these wonderful writers. Some are already there, some are almost ready, but read them and follow them and comment on their posts.

Part of paying this forward means that I also have to tell you some things about me. At least that’s what Helen did, and I’m an obedient little blog meme-er so here goes:

1. I like wearing glasses. Someday, I’ll have pairs of glasses like Carrie Bradshaw has shoes!
2. I love nail polish on my toes, but won’t tolerate it on my fingers.
3. I sleep in as many layers as I day-dress in the Fall.
4. I am often a sufferer of the Sunday Evening Blues. It can go well into Monday morning. I wish I could grow out of this.
5. Cursing is my favorite. Sorry, Buddy The Elf.
6. I could watch The Fifth Element repeatedly without ever getting tired of it. It’s the opera singer: she gets me every time.
7. Remember Bubba, of Bubba Gump Shrimp? I love sweet potatoes the way Bubba loves shrimp.
8. I never went through braces and I rather like the small gap between my front teeth.
9. I hate my cheeks. Both pairs, if you must know.
10. I talk to myself in the mirror.

And now, I’m paying it forward to these blogging writers. Check them out; I think you will find their words inspiring, too.

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Stop by the virtual homes of these young adult fiction writers and see why they are all, indeed, Stylish Bloggers. And, should you choose to accept this highly coveted Stylish Blogger award to handsomely display on your own blog shelf, simply pay it forward: select a few not-so-cringe-worthy tidbits to share about yourself and link to other bloggers. Hopefully these writers will provide you inspiration in their words, and bring your attention to someone else, by paying it forward.