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The Gogol Bordello show was slamming, like literally if you were on the lower level. Josh and I chose the balcony level, though. I’m more of a bobber than a slammer. And I really wanted to see the band. They are known for their crazy energy. We found amazing seats. They were bar stools, set back from the balcony railing – our backs were to the bar ledge in order to see the stage. Through the opening act, we bobbed in our seats with our perfect view and felt really good about ourselves and our taste in music, etc.

Then Gogol Bordello took the stage and people, including the Giant in this picture rushed in front of front of us and waited for their friends to join them. My perfect view was gone. Now, I’m (I suppose) tolerant of people gathering and pushing their way toward a better view. But what I’m not okay with is someone who is nearly 7 feet tall standing in front of me. Even when I stood on the rung of my bar stool, I could not see over this asshole. This dude could have stood behind me and still seen the stage. I know this because my husband is 6’5″ and he can see over my head when he stands behind me. I was pissed even through my lazy I-don’t-care-about-voting-or-god drunkeness.

But I didn’t do anything about it.

I could have easily said, “At least stand behind me.” That’s direct and not too rude. Far less rude than him. I could have pushed in front of him. I could have spilled my drink on him – so many ways to be passive aggressive. Or I could have just been mean and cursed a lot, but I’m not aggressive like that.

I moved to a new spot. I stood and I saw what I came to see – a great show. It was fine. But, two days later I’m still a little mad, but no longer at him. I’m mad at myself. I should have done something. I should have called him out and stood up for myself somehow. What is it about me, or about that moment, that made me stand there gutlessly seething with anger at this guy? And what made that asshole feel okay about standing in front of me?

People are so weird.