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I love orange. Sometimes it’s my favorite color. Something about it signals the bright part of change. And for me, change is once again in the air.

My literary agent and I have decided to part ways. Perhaps I was a naive young writer to believe that we would be together forever. And the business of writing, while being a business, is an emotional  one. So, the feelings I’m left with are a mixed bag of  disappointment, insecurity, and loss, with a renewed sense of get-to-it-ness, focus, and it-will-be-better-next time. I’m thankful that we are parting amicably and respectfully. And, I am a better a writer because I worked with him. I still believe I will be a published YA author one day.

But, now what? I can’t see exactly where I’m going, but I’ll focus on the orange as I drive off into whatever lies ahead.