In which I find a photo that looks like book cover and relate it to my life.


Whenever I look at these things, I get kind of stuck. I think, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for, but it must be something. It is kind of pretty, but am I supposed to make a wish or is my fortune supposed to be revealed? Ya know? Then, I’m like, I just spent more than a minute staring into some stranger’s glow ball trying to divine waaaaaaaaaay more meaning into it than it necessitates.

And that’s kind of where I’m at. My life is kind of pretty, but I’m not sure exactly what I’m hoping to get out of these next three years that Josh is in residency and I’m working full time and writing. Maybe these years are about producing good work? And lemme tell ya, the new job (at least for the moment) requires a lot of concentration. I think this company uses more acronyms than the military. Also there’s that second YA book I’m trying to draft.

So here I am trying to divine meaning out of my time in Indianapolis, when it doesn’t have to be all that. However, I love that I’ve changed jobs. Sitting and thinking and concentrating are more comfortable for me than chasing after old folks and talking about the weather literally fifty+ times a day. And less heart-breaking. And like I mentioned in an earlier post, my life with Josh has relaxed quite a bit, so there you have it.  Oh, one last thing: I need more purple books on my shelves.