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The kids left for a week with my family at their lake-house, so Josh and I went into our let’s-do-something-the-kids-don’t-like mode. So we started with Thai food. One of Josh’s fellow interns recommended the Thai Cafe in Broadripple, which was more than satisfying. So, thank you to them!

Aside:  The waitress’s eyes grew wide when we ordered our calamari appetizer at a 4 out of 5 heat level. “Four?!” she said. We’d told her this was our fist time at the cafe. We backed down to 3. Then she said, “Now you realize this isn’t the fried stuff with marinara sauce?” Yes, we realized; and when we received the calamari, Josh wished we’d ordered it at a 5. It was difficult not to draw generalizations about Indiana eaters, so we did. Nonetheless, the food was delicious. And we’ll be visiting that establishment often.

We’d decided to go see the A-Team despite the reviews, but then there ensued great debate about which movie theater to attend. I wasn’t happy with the theater closest to our house. Finally it just wasn’t worth all the debate for what promised to be mediocre film-making.

Aside: What the Hell is going on with M. Night Shyamalan? I so badly want to continue being a fan, but he’s making very difficult!

So we decided to walk the canal downtown. There are even paddle-boat and kayak rentals, and Josh said he’d seen gondolas there, too.

Aside: My parents (excluding the bar and music scenes) were on the pulse of Indianapolis culture while I was growing up. I went to minor league baseball games (and basketball games at Hinkle Fieldhouse), saw most of the museums, visited a good percentage of parks, gardens, and downtown monuments, and knew that the best restaurants in Indy were steakhouses. Somehow, we missed the canal walk downtown. I knew people did this, but since I hadn’t, my expectations were low. Surely my parents would have taken me if it were fun. Well, this is the one that got away. (Or the city built it up into something beautiful in the 17 years I was away.

The canal walk was quite romantic. We arrived about 15 minutes before sunset. There are apartments and hotels that line it, as well as museums and gardens and even the Sports Hall of Champions. There are murals that line the walls, sculptures that dot the paths, and ivy overhangs begging lovers to stop  for a smooch. As the sun set, the canal lit up as did the city. To top it off, the Indianapolis Indians have fireworks on Friday nights, so if you sit just right, you can enjoy the show.

Aside: Dude, old boyfriends! What the hell? Forget that my parents didn’t take me. Um, why didn’t you?

This opened up at whole new setting possibility for my YA novel, which glances many of my favorite corners of the city as my characters go on a treasure hunt via geo-caching. I’m actually starting to find more setting than I have plot to support. Not a terrible problem to have. In fact, kind of a nice one. Josh and I had fun looking for places along the canal that I could bury clues for my fiction. Now I just have to try to figure out which way is North. Ugh.