So, my first day of work I learned that open-toe shoes weren’t elderly-friendly. I don’t get it, but it didn’t seem prudent to question the rule. Not when it meant I had to go shoe shopping. What a pity, right? Wish I would’ve found the ones in the picture, but I’m happy.

Know what else I’m happy about? A writing breakthrough. I’ve been fussing over Part I of my young adult novel in order to avoid Part II. I promised myself that this weekend I’d force my way into Part II, and I know this is coming off as the world’s most boring blog post (I lost my male readers at “open-toe,”) but I’m thrilled that I actually found my middle!

Also took the kiddos to see Karate Kid, which as far as re-makes go, fit my bill. But Karate Kid holds a special place in my heart. You see, I have only written two fan letters in my life. The second was to a writer (who happens to reside in Indianapolis), and the first was to Ralph Macchio. There, it’s out in the open. I’m still waiting for a letter back – from both of these people. Now, I’m not sure when my crush started but it was in full force when the movie opened. I was about sixteen. My dad, a former athlete, took me to see it. He loves a movie with a big win at the end. Making a long story short, he stood up in the middle of the theater and cried out in the most fervent joy, “Alright, Danielson!” I think there may have been some fist pumping, but my face was buried. Now that I’m all grown up, that’s one of my favorite memories. I even contemplated doing the same move for my kids, and carrying on the tradition. Josh would’ve been the most embarrassed of anyone, so I didn’t, but I’ll have you know there was A LOT of cheering in that theater! Maybe this is something that just happens in Indianapolis movie theaters.

Now, as it happens, I also got the movie time wrong, so we had a bit of time to spare. I went to Borders. Guess what they had in stock early?  The Deathday Lettter!  Fellow Upstart Crow, Shaun Hutchinson wrote it, and it promises hilarity from what I’ve heard.  By the way, Shaun has an excellent blog. Do make sure you check it out. Congratulations to him on this amazing accomplishment.