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If you’re my Goodreads friend, then this may be repeat information. But, I wanted to get it out on my blog as well. I first learned about Goodreads from Christy Raedeke’s blog. You remember Christy, right? (giggles) Well, one day on her blog, she was saying how great Goodreads was. And I kind of thought to myself, do I really need another social media to deal with? But, I checked it out, and YES I DID!  Mostly, I love categorizing my books and seeing what I’ve read. But I also like the emails I receive that show me what others are reading and reviewing. I love marking books that I want to read and actually remembering, oh yeah, I want to read THAT. Also, it’s kind of cool to have author friends on there. Anyway–

Sometimes I get friend requests from people I don’t know. I always friend them because you never know what might come from an Internet connection with someone. So, I was friended by Sandra Alonzo. Didn’t know her. But I watched what she was reading and saw that we had similar reading lists, and her reviews were honest. So, I went to her profile page as discovered she was a YA author. When I read about her novel that was set to debut March 2010, I was interested. Usually, I skim blogs and find books that look interesting and then mark them over on Goodreads. I hadn’t heard of Riding Invisible or Sandra Alonzo. So, finding out about this book was via Goodreads was kind of cool.

Then I read the book and I was very impressed!  I don’t often talk about books specifically, on my blog. I try to keep that conversation over on Goodreads (unless I’m doing an interview). But, I want to talk about this one a little bit. There’s been a lot of blogging about bullying and abuse around the YA blogosphere due to the recent teen suicide that was in the news. I like that YA writers are buzzing about it, and asking themselves, “Hey, what can we do?”

One thing we can all do is read Riding Invisible and help get it into the hands of teens who are dealing with bullying and abuse. I’m partially hesitant to call on my community to read “a book about bullying and abuse” because I know it creates  a kind of skin around a book that makes it an “issue” book. But it’s not that. Specifically. It’s a story of someone suffering and trying to love and be loved at the same time. And have an adventure–a meaningful life. It’s the kind of book that tugs at you and makes you want to hug it when you’re done reading it. Also, it’s the kind of book that makes me want to be a better writer.

So, go read this book if it interests you and also, click that link over to the right and become my Goodreads friend.