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Move over Kevin Bacon, we’ve got Ted Malawer.

Or, Things To Do While Waiting to Be Published: INVENT A GAME.

It’s possible I’ve been stalling on writing my next project. But in the most delightful way. As you probably know, I’m in love with a game called Facebook Scrabble. So are a couple of other crows I know. Now, I must give credit where it’s due. So, let me give  a bit of backstory. My husband loves Trivial Pursuit. I suck at it. Presumably, in order to get me to play, or something, he invented a game called Thunder Trivia. So, this is, I guess, where the name came from. Thunder Scrabble is totally different. And better. Why?

Because of the ted bonus. Ted is a legal Scrabble word. This makes me happy. Actually, Ted is illegal, but ted is legal. So is sparks. So is josh, and wade, and berk. Jody is not. Neither is Brodi. This is sad. But! Ash is legal. And so is ton.

What does ted mean, anyway?

Dictionary.com tells us:  to spread out for drying, as newly mown hay.

Hm. Well, we all learned something. (Which makes this post useful, right?) You want to play? Sure you do! So,  here is how it works:

1. A theme is decided. Like pirates, or birds, or body parts, or whatever. Every time you play a theme word, you get 10 bonus points.

2. Because this game started with Upstart Crows, you get 25 points for playing the word up, or start, or crow.

3. Every time you play ted, you get 50 points.

4. If you play upstart, which uses all the letters in your hand, you get 100 points.

5. If you play with Berk, he’ll try to get extra points for EVERYTHING he plays.

6. If you play with Brodi, you’ll learn words like xenic and oxlips. She is like the president of the letter X.

7. If you play with me, the math will probably get screwed up.

So, there you have it. Let it no longer be said that Kevin Bacon is the only one who has a game invented after his awesomeness. I think Thunder Scrabble will catch on worldwide. I think Scrabble should consider giving my a t-shirt or a coffee mug.

What do you guys do when your “taking a break” from your attempt to become a YA author?