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Kody Keplinger, YA novelist, is organizing this splendid day and several others have joined in! Full list (and growing) over at Lisa and Laura Write.  And I wanted to get in on that for sure. Because I really do appreciate my agent. So, here’s what I appreciate about Ted Malawer at Upstart Crow Literary:

He loves doggies, Dachshunds especially.  Is this a weird thing to appreciate? Maybe, but look at how you can’t resist that face. You want to give it all kinds of attention and tell that little guy how precious he is; and, you can forgive a little mess  or a chewed up sock now and then because he’s a puppy. But you are still firm because that pup needs to know how things work in this world. And then sooner or later, when guests are over, they can’t resist that feller either. And by this time, he’s quite mannerly. And well-groomed. And this is how Ted treats my (puppy of a) manuscript. It’s very nice to be in his care. So, thanks Ted!