If you’re like me, you do most of your shopping online. I’ve learned to hate malls, unless I’m going for reasons other than shopping, namely just to make fun  of people. Black Friday conjures images of mob violence–Josh’s biggest fear–and people asking me if I need help. I probably do need help, but I’m not getting it at The Gap. Mostly what I hate is that Black Friday is a ‘thing.’ Hallmark could probably profit on cards for this occasion. (Do people even still send cards?) But, now the ‘thing-ness’ is bleeding into my safe and happy buying ritual that is online shopping. Now we have Cyber Monday?  Are there masses of online specials? Is the mob violence equivalence of Black Friday that on Cyber Monday the online store will be so crowded my computer will not grant me access, or crash? Oh, America, thou art devout in your consumerism.

If you are shopping online today, may I suggest that you buy some books while you’re out. And, if you like a uniqier (that word is for Josh) handmade kind of gift, head on over to my sister’s Etsy shop. The fingerless gloves are cute as a button!