Let me start by saying that I mostly just want to use the poll feature on my blog because I haven’t yet and it looks fun. So, I’m pretending that somehow, miraculously, I have become the Printz award committee. Of one. For my non-writer friends, this award is like the Newbery of Young Adult Literature. The criteria basically boils down to literary merit. See YALSA for more details. I haven’t actually read that many books that came out in 2009. But, I’ve read more than I usually do in a year so I’m nominating my personal favorites and want you to vote. Will you please indulge me? I’ll never know if you didn’t read the book. And feel free to heckle me in the comments regarding why I chose what I did, or if you think I egregiously erred in not including one book or another. Also, it will fun later to see if I got even close to picking what the real committee picks.