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typewriterI’m old.

Also, something kind of cool happened.

Generally when I’m at social functions I don’t introduce myself as a YA writer. I’m still wrestling with when I’m allowed to call myself a writer as opposed to an office manager, which is kind of dumb so let’s just leave it at that. Anyhoo–I was recently at a BBQ and a very kind lady approached me because someone else over by the fire pit had introduced me to her as a writer. It was kind of awesome and embarrassing. The sweet lady goes on to tell me about her involvement in the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL). They have some great contests in writing, dance, art, and voice, which can lead to some good opportunities. This year the competition is for short stories. I’m  not too practiced at short stories, but I wanted to check out the competition anyway. I’m ineligible. Weird for two reasons: I’m over the age requirement of 33 and I’m “managed by a professional.” After feeling a little fussy over the age issue, I realized this group deems me “Professional.”  Fine. I forgive you NSAL for your age requirement.

Yay! I’m a professional. What a boost!

If you are unpublished and between the ages of 18-33, you may want to look into this organization and competition.