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There are blogs I read for pleasure and blogs I read that have to do with YA writing (also pleasurable, obviously, but writing-focused). Someone recently asked me what my favorites were. (Between the last post and this one, I sound like I have people asking me a lot of questions, huh?  I really don’t.) So, I thought I’d break it down between the two categories. I have so many that I enjoy.

I love humor and I love weird stuff. So here’s my top 5 entertainment blogs:

1.Cake Wrecks: Did I mention I love humor? Well, I also love cake. Who doesn’t? This blog displays all kinds of humorous ways a professionally made cakes can go wrong. It’s hilarious. And the writing is fantasticly funny. You want to go to there!

2. Awkward Family Photos: Photo after awkward photo that makes you feel like your wackadoo family isn’t so bad afterall.

3. Life Between Naps: Stories of a stay-at-home dad and all the adventures he has with his two little girls. There is poop humor: what’s not to love? Favorite post to date: the no-panties nanny.

4. The Barefoot Foodie: Raunchy lady-humor, cursing galore, but underneath all the cracking up, you’ll see her tender side.  (Yeah, I set you up there; comment away.)

5. Neatorama: I k now everyone is all in love with Boing Boing, but have you seen Neatorama? There’s just some fascinating shit on that site!

I love blogs that discuss all kinds of things having to do with writing. It’s hard to pick my top five. But these are for you, my writing friends; I’m guessing you already know about them, but if you don’t…

1. Brooklyn Arden: blog of editor, Cheryl Klein. She is nice. She is kind. She is smart! I love her perspective on the world of publishing, for a hopeful writer there is a lot to learn and I don’t k now why, but I feel like she’s cheering me (the unpublished) on to victory.

2. Nathan Bransford – literary agent: Let me say here, this is not my agent. I have no agenda accept to say if you want to know something about agenting or other aspects of writing and publishing, go visit. My favorite posts is the glossary of terms; incredibly helpful. And again, he’s super nice and encouraging.

3. Carolrhoda Books Blog: Editor, Andrew Karre talks all things books. Simply said, he’s got a lot of interesting ideas. He also has great links to pertinent articles about the biz, and sometimes says right out, I want a book about such and such. Also, he’s nice and hopeful about about the industry.  Anyone sensing a theme?

4. Sarah Ockler, YA Author: Sarah’s blog is a fantastic example of effective author blogging. She shares my agent and also is willing to share advice with me. She shares an amazing story in her debut novel, Twenty Boy Summer. (Go read it) Suffice it to say, Sarah is good at sharing.  And I’m a fan of sharing.

5. jBerkj: The blog of author Josh Berk. Did I mention I like humor? If you haven’t been over to his site, go check it out. You’ve never seen an author interview quite like the ones he hosts. Plus, he’s super nice. I can’t wait for his book, which is called The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, and will be out in February 2010. (Go order it.)

What about you all?  What blogs are your favorites, either writing or otherwise?